Unlock the power of sexual meditation and sensual inspiration in these guided audio sessions.

"There are plenty of cues that can help us get closer to that state. Maybe it’s turning on your favorite toy or running a bath and lighting a candle. These days, we’re listening to Guided by Glow, an app for on-demand erotic audio sessions founded by actor and writer Sayra Player."

  • "Glow feels like an intimate erotic journey igniting a women's sensuality. Part meditation, part erotic, Glow takes a women deeper into her body and soul."

    — SARAH MELANCON PhD.Sociologist and Clinical Sexologist

  • "Sometimes, we lose track of our sexual selves. Guided By Glow incorporates mindfulness techniques and auditory guidance to help you re-connect and turn on."

    — RAVEN STRALOW, LMSW Hello Joy Therapy

  • "I really love this app but the male voice Pearl is too wonderful it makes me cry. I don’t know if anyone shares my problem. I have never experienced this before… it’s something so soul touching that tears come out."

    — Ida H.

  • "This is the kind of meditation I can get into."

    — SARAH H.

  • "Looking inward can be difficult in a world that often pulls us outward, in my experience, attention to ‘life stressors’ are common distracting concerns for individuals struggling with low ‘libido’ or ‘absent arousal’. Sometimes we just need a little guidance."

    — CANDICE JANE LANGFORD, Physiotherapist BSc(Hons)UCT, nurturepelvichealth.com

  • "So much pleasure was going on inside me all I could do is react and let my body react."

    — NATALIA G.

Mindful Sexual Auralism

8-25 minute on-demand erotic audio sessions spoken as if it is all happening to you.

For Women Of All Orientations

Male, Female and Non-binary voices in provocative sensory guidance for hetero, same sex and non-binary experiences.

Parasympathetic Nervous System

Our breath and body relaxation techniques strengthen the stability of your nervous system and ground you to your center, your depth.

Awaken The Dreamer

Erotic emotional soundscapes to ignite your imagination with mesmerizing guidance aimed to amplify the potency and power of sexual fulfillment.