Sexual Meditation


Voice artists must be able to sound like they are really talking to someone, must have professional at home studio and have a truthful connection to the intention of the work.

Share a Link to your audition we will not download any files.

Audition Script : Feel my hand on your chest. Sense the space of your heart below it. The flow of the blood... I feel it beating. Long breaths. You feel my breath on your neck. My nose grazes your neck. Breathe. I am beside you as you lie there fully feeling the sensation of your breath. Will you place your hands on your breasts? My hands are your hands. I slide my hand down from your stomach to feel heat emanating from you. I want to touch you oh so slowly and delicately. I want you to release slowly into this.


We seek erotic writers with a background in meditation, somatic healing, sexual heath or sensorial creative writing.

Share a Writing Sample on a Google Doc.

THE SUBMISSION : 800-1200 words with beginning middle and end. There are no dom/ sub tones. It is not a narration. It is guided like a yoga class or guided meditation. Each session centers the listener in their body and senses, then leads them through a scenario with another person. This other person can be the guide speaking or an imaginary encounter. It must be in present tense.

Please, listen to many before you submit.